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20-year-old Dies Playing PUBG Mobile

A 20-year-old, who was absorbed in playing the PUBG Mobile game, died when he mistakenly consumed a jewellery-polishing chemical instead of water while travelling in a train. According to the Agra Cantonment Government Railway Police, Saurabh Yadav was travelling with his friend Santosh Sharma who is an ornament-dealer. Sharma had a chemical in his bag which is used to polish jewellery. The two men had a common bag and Santosh was travelling to Agra in connection with his ornament polishing business. According to Santosh, “Saurabh was busy playing PUBG on his mobile phone while travelling. Reportedly, he was so occupied that instead of taking out the water bottle, he mistakenly took out the bottle of chemical and drank from it without checking.”

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20-year-old Dies Playing PUBG Mobile 38 Bytes
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